Provincial Camping Opportunities

Provincial Camping Opportunities

Camps sponsored by the Provincial Camping Committee.

Girls and Guiders may apply to one or more opportunities using the same application. A completed application will require the following:

Application: (GIRL or GUIDER - application links available below)
Camping Record Sheet (GIRL or GUIDER - camping record sheet links available below). Please note that Camping Record sheets should be emailed to
Two References (Name and Contact information for one reference from within Guiding and one reference from outside of Guiding). Those listed as references will be emailed the link directly to the online reference form once applicants submit their application.

All deadlines are listed with the Information Sheets attached to their corresponding Opportunities.

Mix It Up 2019 - Through the Years

What: Mix It Up is an annual event that is hosted by the BC Camping Committee and the Girl Scouts of Western Washington in alternating years. Mix It Up 2019 will be taking place at Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission, BC.
Where: Fraser River Heritage Park - Mission, BC
When: September 20-22, 2019
Who: Mix It Up is a tenting camp for patrols of girls born in the years 2005 to 2009 (Guides and Pathfinders) from around BC and Girl Scouts from Washington

Cost: $420 per patrol (8 girls and 2 Guiders), $210 per half patrol (4 girls and 1 Guider) - prices are in Canadian dollars and include GST. Event fee includes program and supplies, t-shirt, crest, mug up on Friday, and breakfast on Sunday. Transportation and all other food is to be organized by the patrol.
Capacity: 400 participants in patrols of 8 girls (Guides and/or Pathfinders) and two Guiders OR half patrols of 4 girls (Guides and/or Pathfinders) and one Guider.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Online Expression of Interest form.
Patrol Expression of Interest Deadline: 7:00 pm on, March 15, 2019

Pacific Coast Experience

What: A 6 day adventure near Whistler for senior Rangers, Transitioning Members (TMBR), Link-aged adult members (preference will be given to adult members up to the age of 30). This event builds on your previous camping experience and focuses on the transitioning participants into Adventure camping leaders. Along with pre-event preparation & learning, two+ days will be spent at the event on the OAL Adventure theory modules and then participants will have the opportunity to go on a 2-night adventure trip to build up their “hands-on” skills & trip logs. The adventure trips will include a choice of backpacking, cycling, kayaking or rock climbing/multi-sport trip.
Where: Whistler, BC & adventure trips in surrounding area
When: August 23-28, 2019
Who: Rangers, Transitioning Members (TMBR), Link and adult members

For more information, including cost, please see the Pacific Coast Experience Information Sheet. (PDF)

To apply to for the Pacific Coast Experience, please fill out the PCE Online Application form.

Taste Of Adventure - Provincial Adventure Camp

What: A Taste for Adventure is an opportunity for Pathfinders to try adventurous activities – canoeing, backpacking and white water rafting. Participants will learn about water safety, rescue procedures, and paddling techniques before heading off on their overnight canoe trip down Crooked Lake. During the overnight backpacking trip, on the Eureka Peak Trail, participants will learn about safety in the backcountry, using a personal locator device (SPOT/InReach), cooking on backpacking stoves, and how to “go” in the woods. The white water rafting trip takes participants down the Chilcotin River, past the steep rock walls of Hanceville Canyon, past the iconic Big Creek, and amongst the colourful hoodoos at Farwell Canyon.
Where: Crooked Lake Recreation Area; near Williams Lake, BC
When: July 21-26, 2019
Who: Twenty (20) girls born between 2004 and 2006 (plus two alternates) and Two Selected Guiders + 1 alternate Guider
Application Deadline: The application deadline for this event has passed.

Taste Of Adventure Information Sheet (PDF)

DAWN - Newfoundland and Labrador Interprovincial Camp

What: Participants will meet in Vancouver area, and travel to Newfoundland to participate in the DAWN (Discovery! Adventure! Wonder! Nature!) Interprovincial Camp planned by the Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Council, hosted in the Gros Morne National park. Similar to SOAR, the camp will be a true basic camping experience involving an amazing program full of challenge and fun including adventures in water activities, arts, crafts, and sports. We will then spend 3 days to explore and experience Newfoundland before traveling home.
Where: Gros Morne National Park & travel touring around Newfoundland
When: July 27 to August 7, 2019
Who: Sixteen (16) girls born between 2001 and 2003 and Two (2) Guiders, plus two (2) Alternate Guiders

Application Deadline: The application deadline for this event has passed.

DAWN Interprovincial Camp Information Sheet (PDF)

Voilà Québec 2019 - Camp Wa-Thik-Ane

What: Voilà Québec is a 7-night camp held at Québec’s provincial camp Wa-Thik-Ane, the camp of peaceful waters. Girls will experience Québec culture, language, and heritage in an intimate community camp with under 120 Guiding sisters. Girls will complete program work and a special camp challenge. Adventure awaits with two outings: St. Sauveur water park (largest in Québec) and a day trip to Mont Tremblant village and a tree adventure course. After camp, travel to Montreal, stay in a hostel and explore the area including Old Montreal before flying home.
Where: Vancouver to gather, Camp Wa-Thik-Ane, Québec, and Montréal, Québec
When: August 2-14, 2019 (approximately)
Who: Eight (8) girls born between 2004 and 2006 + two (2) alternates and Two (2) Guiders + one (1) alternate

Application Deadline: The application deadline for this event has passed.

Voilà Québec Information Sheet (PDF)

LEAP 2019 - Ontario Provincial Camp

What: Participate in LEAP 2019, an Ontario provincial camp designed for adventurers and explorers hosting up to 2,500 campers. A LEAP camper will discover everything she can be while participating in incredible Guiding activities, making memories, developing confidence and leadership skills and meeting many new. After camp, travel to Toronto, stay in a hostel and explore the area including a day trip to Niagara Falls.
Where: Vancouver to gather, Doe Lake Camp, Ontario, and Toronto, Ontario
When: August 3-14, 2019 (approximately)
Who: Sixteen (16) girls born in 2003 and 2006 + four (4) alternates and Two (2) Guiders + Two (2) Alternate Guiders

Application Deadline: The application deadline for this event has passed.

LEAP 2019 Information Sheet (PDF)

Provincial Camp Application Forms

Girl Provincial / Interprovincial Application Form (Online)
Adult Provincial / Interprovincial Application Form (Online)
Event Application Guidelines (PDF)
Girl Camping Record - BC.307 (PDF)
Guider Camping Record - BC.307 (PDF)
OAL Adventure Camping Trip Log - TR.11 (PDF)

Ranger Annual Camps

Rangers and Scouts participate in a joint-venture camp to host four annual camps. These camps have brought Rangers, Venturers and Rovers together for well over 20 years of camping.

Rovent (winter – tent)
Camp Skeeter (summer - tent)
Mardi Gras (spring - tent)
Rainbucket (fall - tent)

Co-ed Camping policy: BC Standards Pertaining to Camping (PDF)
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