Provincial Camping Opportunities

Provincial Camping Opportunities

Camps sponsored by the Provincial Camping Committee.

SparkLE Day Camp

Rangers, are you ready to sparkle?

  • What: SparkLE, the Spark Leadership Experience, is a BC provincially supported Spark Day Camp designed to be run by Rangers for either a single unit or multiple units together.
  • Where: Locally throughout BC, to be decided by your unit, district, or area
  • When: Saturday, October 22, 2022
  • Participants: Sparks, Spark friends (bring-a-friend) and their leaders
  • Hosts: Enthusiastic hosts (e.g. Ranger unit leaders and their Rangers, with assistance from area camping specialists) to organize the Day Camp with the support of enlisted special helpers.
  • Special Helpers: Local GGC Camping Enthusiasts, including adult members, Rangers, Trex, and Pathfinders willing to volunteer.
  • Costs: This event is designed to be run as a day activity. Local costs will depend on unit choices. Units should budget to cover the cost of any food provided, program materials and any site fees. The provincially subsidized program supply boxes include crests and program materials.
  • COVID: Return to In-Person Guiding protocols will be followed.

More Information

The BC Camping Committee will provide interested Ranger Units with step-by-step instructions, themed activities, schedules, kit lists, draft Safe Guide paperwork, and more, to make it easy for them to host a SparkLE Bring a Friend Day Camp in their local community. We will also offer a variety of pre-camp training and support sessions for those youth members who choose to participate. Training, support sessions, and electronic resources are all free of charge.

For expression of interest, please complete the SparkLE Expression of Interest Order Form.

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Forest Friends Guider Program

Forest Friends is a BC provincially supported Brownie Day Camp, designed to be run for either a single unit or multiple units together.

  • Where: Locally throughout BC, to be decided by your unit, district, or area.
  • When: Saturday, May 14, 2022
  • Participants: Brownie units and their leaders.

For more information, please visit the Forest Friends Guider Information page. If you're looking to order Forest Friends Event crests, please visit the Forest Friends Event Crests Order Form.

Provincial Camp Application Forms

Event Application Guidelines (PDF)
Girl Camping Record - BC.307 (PDF)
Guider Camping Record - BC.307 (PDF)
OAL Adventure Camping Trip Log - TR.11 (PDF)

Ranger Annual Camps

Rangers and Scouts participate in a joint-venture camp to host four annual camps. These camps have brought Rangers, Venturers and Rovers together for well over 20 years of camping.

Rovent (winter – tent)
Camp Skeeter (summer - tent)
Mardi Gras (spring - tent)
Rainbucket (fall - tent)

Co-ed Camping policy: BC Standards Pertaining to Camping (PDF)
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