Provincial Membership Adviser: Roni Carson at

The Provincial Membership Committee

Along with supporting the Area Membership Advisers, the Membership Committee:
recruits adult and youth members
builds community relationships
helps locate meeting locations
works with diverse communities

The Provincial Committee’s specialized tasks include:
Gift of Guiding fund
adult screening
mentoring program
iMIS (Integrated Membership Information System)
Membership Building Resources

Contact email:

BC Membership Committee

Provincial Membership Adviser: Roni Carson
BC IMIS Adviser: Sheralynne Muirhead
BC Awards Adviser: Robi McKnight
Link Co-Advisers: Katarina Pinter and Tammy Tsang
Trefoil Guild Adviser: Darlene Kent
Screening Adviser: Susan Wilks
Waitlist Manager: Cheryl Geissler

Learn more about membership resources available to you from the membership committee, on Member Zone – information, resources, newsletters, forms and so much more!


A7 - Non-Member Volunteer Application Form: DOC | PDF
A Guide to Booth Etiquette (PDF) – Hints and advice about how to present yourself, and Girl Guides of Canada, at trade shows and community events.
Put Some Sparks In Your Life Kit (PDF) - Although this Kit is designed to assist you in recruiting Spark leaders, it is full of hints and ideas that can easily be adapted to recruit leaders for any branch.


Do you need to open a new unit but you're not sure how to go about it? This kit contains step-by-step information including how to obtain financial assistance.
Start a Unit Kit (PDF)

Do you want to start a unit in your community but don’t have enough girls for one branch? Start a Guiding Unit with several branches meeting and working together. This booklet tells you how to do it.
A "How To" Guide for Multi-branch Units (PDF)

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