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PR Resources & Logo Use

Use of Girl guides of Canada–Guides due Canada logo/symbol (Trefoil) is prohibited if prior approval is not obtained.

BC PR Grant Application

The BC Public Relations (PR) Grants will be available in 2018 and 2019 to help support opportunities to increase Guiding awareness in BC communities. Grants will be available for districts and areas (for an amount up to 50% of the total cost to a max of $500.00 per area per application deadline). Your district or area will be required to contribute an equal or greater amount to the cost of the opportunity.

Please note that applications will be evaluated based on need and anticipated PR benefits. Grants will be awarded until available funds have been depleted. The PR Committee will accept applications for two deadlines: October 15, 2018, and March 15, 2019. The grants are to be used for events or items that will make Guiding more visible to the general public (not for events or items available only to existing Guiding members).

To apply, please complete the attached application form and submit it by October 15, 2018 (or March 15, 2019) to bc-prcomm@girlguides.ca. Please note that successful applicants will be required to complete the attached post-activity report upon completion of the PR activity.

Please contact the PR Committee at bc-prcomm@girlguides.ca with any questions.

PR Grant Application (Word) March 2019
PR Grant Post-Activity Report (Word)

BC PR Swag Items

BC Council has a new order form for ordering BC Provincial and National Swag items, as well as National Promotional Materials. See the products that we have to offer in the PR Materials Description List, below, and order them by filling out the PR Materials Order Form and emailing it to bc-info@girlguides.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: BC Council will make National PR Swag items and promotional materials available to BC Members ONLY. Members from outside of BC need to order these items from their own province, or directly through National.

PR Materials Description List (PDF)
PR Materials Order Form (Excel)

Approval Procedure for Logo Use

1. Have a professional mock-up of the logo, showing intended use, created by the manufacturing company making the intended product. Hand-drawn designs will not be accepted.
2. Complete the Logo approval form (this link can also be found in the "Forms" section, directly below).
3. Obtain approval of Area Public Relations Adviser or Area Commissioner.
4. Obtain final approval form Provincial Logo/Media Clips coordinator.
5. Email to bc-logo@girlguides.ca.

Girl Guides of Canada Brand Centre - Downloadable Logos, Ads, Templates (Requires MemberZone Login)
GGC Merchandise Standards (July 2018)
GGC Graphic Standards (July 2018)


Logo approval form (Word) May 2019


Hot tips for tradeable crests

Request from the Archives and Museum Committee

The Provincial Archives/Museum Committee would like one of your finished products to archive. Please send:
Product (crest, T-shirt, hat, etc)
Design details (designer, symbolism, etc.)
Event details (date, participants, use, etc.)

Mail to:
Girl Guides of Canada, BC Council
Attention: Provincial Archives/Museum Committee
107 - 252 Esplanade Ave. W.
North Vancouver, BC V7M 0E9

8/2/2021 2:51:47 AM