(Provincial Training Committee from left to right: Kendra, Brenda A., Alison, Sandy, Brenda F., Tamara, Jane)

Provincial Training Adviser: Kendra Mann at

The Provincial Training Committee Supports and promotes training in BC by:

  • Implementing the National Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) program and related opportunities
  • Liaising with Provincial and National committees
  • Participating at training events as the organizers, conductors or assistants, at the request or approval of the Provincial Council
  • Helping Areas to meet training needs through encouragement and assistance
  • Recommending trainers for National and International training assignments or conferences

We encourage and assist trainer development by:

  • Recognizing new trainer candidates
  • Issuing trainer appointment letters
  • Monitoring trainer status (appointment, re-appointment and leaves of absence)
  • Offering trainer conferences and enrichment opportunities
  • Assisting with trainer observations
  • Providing training resources and tools
  • Administering the BC Trainers’ Challenge

To communicate with all our BC trainers we:

  • Publish the Training Tidbits newsletter
  • Correspond with Area Training Advisers through the ATA Bulletin
  • Circulate training information
  • Post training resources on the website

Thinking about becoming a trainer? Check the requirements.

Contact email:

BC Training Committee

  • Provincial Training Adviser (Interim): Tamara Sweet-Letts
  • Area Training Adviser Liaison: Alison Speirs
  • Committee Administrator: (Vacant)
  • Events Coordinator: Brenda Fraser
  • Financial Coordinator: Brenda Anthony
  • Secretary: Sandy Maloney
  • Trainer Administrator: Jane Read
  • Trainer Coordinator: Tamara Sweet-Letts

For E-learning PINs (Promotional Incentive Numbers), email

Training Committee Application (Word)

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