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" Who is the best resource for questions about training? Your local Area Training Adviser (ATA) that’s who. See the ATA contact list to get in touch in your Area. Here are the ATA’s attending the recent ATA workshop at Guide House."

Guider Resources

Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM)

The TEAM program supports adult Members by offering five role-based learning streams:

  • Unit Guider
  • District Commissioner
  • Administrator
  • Outdoor Activity Leader (OAL)
  • Trainer

Each stream includes several Foundation modules (i.e. as a Unit Guider, her modules are About the Girl, Programming for the Girl and Quick Start for each branch level, plus leadership skills Putting the Pieces Together). A TEAM pin of the appropriate colour is awarded upon completion of the Foundation modules. 18 additional Enrichment modules are available to everyone (e.g. Building Strong Teams, Communicating with Girls, Conflict Management, Event Planning, Financial Management, Leading Active Games, Girls United and many more). A yellow Enrichment pin is awarded on completion of any five Enrichment modules.

Which trainings are mandatory for all Guiders?

Safe Guide training is mandatory within your first 6 months of joining. All other training is optional, but we recommend New Guider training for new adult members working in a unit. Contact your local training adviser or visit the href="">National website for more information about training opportunities and available delivery methods.

How do I become a trainer?

Contact your Area Training Adviser to get connected with the right resources. You will need to submit a Trainer Candidate application form to your Area Training Adviser, and complete the "Understanding the Adult Learner" and the Trainer Stream modules (see TEAM Chart, above). BC offers the "Understanding the Adult Learner" and the five Trainer Stream modules at a weekend workshop called "Road to Dynamic Presentations".

Training Resources

BC Trainers’ Forms

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