Lones (All Ages)

Lones (all ages)


Why become a Lone?

For when challenges make belonging to a group hard:
physical challenge
school workload
lack of time

How does it work?

Lones participate in the Guiding program via mail/email. Each Lone is assigned to a group (Unit). It is her responsibility to correspond as regularly as she can with her Unit Leader (Guider). The Guider keeps the Lone advised of program and activity:

The Guider will prepare interesting Unit letters and ask the girls of the Unit to share their ideas and news. This helps to keep the Lone involved and building their new friendships.


The Guider will keep the Lone aware of upcoming events and special activities. If the Lone is interested in participating, she and her Guider will work together to eliminate any obstacles.

The Lone Unit

Lone "units" are small and do not have a specific physical location. The Guider and Girl communicate and complete objectives via mail/email, which allows Lone members to live throughout British Columbia. If a girl moves temporarily to another country, she may continue her Canadian Guiding program by becoming a Lone.


Lones have all the privileges of any girl member. If the Lone has the credentials, she can apply for Provincial, National and International camps and events. She too can apply for the Guiding Bursaries and Scholarships when she is of age.


To register as a Lone, go to the Unit Finder, input the Provincial Office's postal code (V7M 0E9), select the branch level of the girl and click on "Find Groups". The Lones unit will appear on the left side of the screen. Select the Lones Unit and register online, like you would for a regular unit.

Find out more about a Lone Unit near you?

Contact the Provincial Lones Adviser
7/4/2022 4:13:47 AM