2014 Scholarship Recipients

Bayer Inc. Science Education Scholarship


Jenelle Y., Post Grad, Geographic Information Systems
Guiding has strengthened my confidence and I am proud to be a part of such a fantastic organization.

CIBC Full-time Scholarships


Holly D., First Year, Nursing
Girl Guides is such a large part of my life and has shaped me so much, it is amazing to know that Girl Guides is still supporting me in all aspect of my life.


Samantha S., First Year, Child, Youth & Family Studies
Each and every moment spent with my Sisters of Guiding have played a large role in making me who I am today; allowing me to flourish from a shy girl into a confident and adventurous young woman.

CIBC Part-time Scholarship


Terri R., Post Grad, Women & Gender Studies
My involvement in Girl Guides of Canada has influenced why I chose my area of study, and will be a big part of the results as I hope to use my thesis work to write more active living training programs for Guiders.

Dare Foods Limited Scholarships


Breanna H., First Year, Culinary Arts
Girl Guides means the world to me. It has taught me so much, from public speaking to building a fire.


Hannah C., First Year, Theatre
With Guiding I’ve gained a passion for teaching others, just as my leaders had, to lead others and try my hardest.


Chloe G., First Year, Science
I chose Guiding because I wanted to make myself, my community and the entire world better.

Erin W

Erin W., First Year, Interior Design
From the beginning, Guiding has taught me the simplest lesson; how to be a friend.

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario Scholarships


Lauren J., First Year, Sociology
The organization of Girl Guides has been like a “parent” to me, thanks to all the tireless volunteers who ask for nothing in return.


Amy F., First Year, Biology & Math
I am a fairly timid person, but Guiding seems to have been able to break down some of this shyness, as I find that when I am at Girl Guide events this nervousness leaves and I am able to become my true self.


Melody V., First Year, Medical Science
Through my 14 years as a member of Girl Guides of Canada, from a little Spark to a Ranger I have volunteered for numerous causes and learned a wealth of lessons, but overall I have learned how powerful women are.


Lauren P., First Year, International Food Business
The friendships I have made with my fellow Girl Guides are everlasting; I have no idea where I would be without my sisters in Guiding.


Ashley V., First Year, History
Guiding has provided me a safe environment to learn and grow. To respect people’s different views and look for opportunities to find common goals.

National Full-time Scholarships


Sarah T., First Year, Animal Bioscience
Guiding has always emphasized volunteer service.  For the past two years, I have volunteered at a vet clinic.  This allowed me to confirm my career choice of becoming a veterinarian.


Madeleine L., First Year, Commerce
Opportunities to camp, to travel and to lead have helped shape my own ambitions and goals. Guiding has gotten me where I am today and I use the skills that is has taught me every day.


Jenna G., First Year, Arts
My experience in Girl Guides has been life-changing and it is important to me to ‘pay it forward’ and positively affect the girls in my unit.


Hannah S., Second Year, English
My confidence and leadership skills have benefited from working with Brownies, as well as my planning abilities.


Rebecca W., Third Year, Behavioural Neuroscience
Guiding has taught me to live a healthy and active lifestyle, to appreciate and become more aware of myself, others and my environment, and to work cooperatively as a team member and leader.


Cairistiona C., Fourth Year, English & Environmental Studies
Guiding has been central to my involvement in my community and in environmental causes, and has given me the skills that I need to succeed.


Melissa C., Post Grad, History of Science
Thanks in part to Guiding, I also learned to love the outdoors, a passion which I continue to cultivate during my formal education.

National Part-time Scholarship


Melinda D., Post Grad, Social Work
My volunteer experience with Girl Guides of Canada gives me a sense of empowerment and self-confidence that I can foster in the girls and women I interact with.

Col. Karen Ritchie Memorial Scholarships


Patricia B., First Year, Civil Engineering
I have been a member of Girl Guides of Canada for 10 years; my participation has empowered me as a growing woman, challenged me to achieve the Canada Cord Award and gave me an appreciation for the great outdoors.


Isabella M., First Year, Biomedical Engineering
As a Ranger I have thrived in leadership positions for community projects along with being an active Junior Leader for a Sparks group.


Kshamina G., First Year, Software Engineering
Since a very young age I have benefitted greatly from the role models provided by my Guiding Leaders.

The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada Scholarship


Carissa K., First Year, Global Stewardship
Girl Guides is the organization that helped me realize my passion for volunteering, and I will make sure that I follow in my leaders’ footsteps and always take the time to volunteer within my community.

Humber Glen Trefoil Scholarship


Rowan L., First Year, Science
Guiding has played an important role in my life ever since I initially joined as a Spark, helping me to develop self-confidence, make wonderful friends, and ultimately learn how to be my best in any situation.

Dr. Roberta Bondar Scholarship


Elizabeth K., Post Grad, Science Communication
Guiding has made it possible for me to travel within Canada, learn new skills, make new friends, become more confident in leadership roles and so much more.

Norma Osler Education Scholarship


Kirsten J., Post Grad, Early Childhood Education
Through my work with a Brownie unit I learned of my love of working with kids and the enjoyment that I get from being with them.