2015 Scholarship Recipients

Aloette Cosmetics of Canada Inc. Scholarship


Carolyn, First Year, Science

Guiding has helped me develop a sense of adventure and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. It has made me more independent and helped prepare me for the dramatic changes I know leaving home and entering post-secondary education will bring.

Bayer Inc. Science Education Scholarship


Chantal, First Year, Science

Guiding has taught me that giving back should always be a responsibility that we should all embrace. I have decided to combine this passion with my interest in the field of science and become a Family Doctor.

CIBC Full-time Scholarships


Morgan, First Year, Science

If someone were to ask me my proudest moment, I wouldn’t know what to choose: volunteering in Costa Rica, interviewing the Chief Commissioner, being elected for my provincial Ranger council, telling the story or my abusive relationship, being selected for the UN… But I think I would pick the event that started it all, saying my name in front of other shy Sparks and finally leaving my shell.


Eliesse, First Year, Political Science & French

Because of Girl Guides, I have developed a passion for volunteering in the community and caring for the environment. It has challenged me to use my talents and abilities and to always have a strong mindset in all situations.

CIBC Part-time Scholarship


Fiona, Post Graduate, Special Education

When I started university I volunteered as a leader in a local Brownie group and that was one of the main reasons why I chose a career as a teacher. I love working with kids and giving them extra support. In Guiding we include everyone so it was always my philosophy that the students with special needs be included.

Col. Karen Ritchie Memorial Scholarship


Heather, First Year, Mechatronics Engineering

Being involved in Guiding for the past twelve years has provided me with a unique opportunity to make lasting friendships, develop my life skills, aid my community and help others.

Dare Foods Limited Scholarships


Renée, First Year, Environmental Science

I will be focusing on Environmental Science, an area which was introduced to me in my early years in Girl Guides. My years in Guiding have allowed me to discover nature and participate in hands on activities, like tree planting, bog restorations and much more.


Tashina, First Year, Arts

Guiding has played such a big part in helping me get to where I am. I was taught to use my voice, be a leader, a humanitarian, be patient, and was also taught how to use my resources wisely.


Heather, First Year, Social Sciences

There is no other activity that I have been involved in that has given me such an incredible number of skills, activities and experiences that Girl Guides has given me in the past 13 years. Whether its storm lashing tents, teaching younger girls to use a buddy burner or make a bell roll, enjoying paddling in the beautiful remote wilderness, or taking action for communities in needs, my life is richer for every year I have been in Guiding.


Deanna, First Year, Medical Science

Sometimes I do not understand how much I have learned from being a part of Girl Guides until I am with a group of friends and we are faced with a challenge, like making a fire. Many times I have been the only person who had the capability to complete these challenges, which I believe everyone should have skills for.

Dr. Roberta Bondar Scholarship


Nicole, Post Graduate, Biological & Chemical Sciences

Throughout my childhood as a member of Girl Guides of Canada, and now as a leader, I have witnessed the importance of strong female role models. Following my curiosity of science into a career would not have been a possibility had it not been for the influence of my leaders.

Humber Glen Trefoil Guild Scholarship


Jessica, First Year, Science

Guiding is not just about teaching girls how to be confident, active members of their community. Guiding is an investment in the future and just as Guiding has invested in me, I will play a part in helping to shape our next generation of Girl Guides.

Kingston Trefoil Guild Scholarship


Laura, Fourth Year, Education & Science

Part of my journey in being an educator is remaining in Guiding, as the leadership and learning opportunities this organization has provided me are invaluable in this field. I am also dedicated in presenting my girls with the same opportunities that were presented to me as I have grown immensely from them.

Norma Osler Education Scholarship


Meghan, Post Graduate, Education

Through Guiding I have built strong, influential relationships with a network of women. These relationships have helped me understand the value of accepting people for who they are, recognizing personal and group strengths and weaknesses and using them in complementary ways and seeing issues from a variety of perspectives.

The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada Scholarship


Michaela, First Year, Arts

Growing up, my leaders were inspirational role models who I could trust and go to whenever I needed help. Owing to their influence in my life, I am always eager and excited to face a challenge. They always encouraged me to reach a little further and push a little harder.

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario Scholarships


Samantha, First Year, Psychology

Guiding has made more of an impact than any other aspect of my life and has given me the strength and confidence to voice my opinion and help those around me through my actions. I have gained the leadership abilities in order to lead those around me, as well as myself, to success.


Abigail, First Year, Neuroscience & Mental Health

Since the age of five, I have had many wonderful experiences ranging from cookie selling to international travel with my Guiding units. My favourite thing about Guiding is the lifelong friendships that continue to develop as the years go by.


Elizabeth, First Year, Arts

Guiding has taught me the importance of being a smart, independent girl. In a world that often encourages girls to be quiet, well-behaved, fragile and one-dimensional, Guiding taught me that it is okay to be a complex human being with a wide range of interests and talents.

19-Megan- Masonic

Megan, First Year, Environmental Science

Being part of Girl Guides isn’t something I would trade for anything. I have developed many skills, made friendships and had the opportunity to help others. Next year is a new beginning; I’m more excited than anxious because I know I have gained, through Girl Guides, the strength and courage to rise to any challenge.


Mariah, First Year, Psychology

Guiding has given me many experiences. One of those experiences is meeting other people my age and interacting with people who think differently than I do. I find that this was my first experience with my interest in Psychology. I am fascinated with the way the brain works and why we do what we do.

WBE Canada Scholarship


Emily, Post Graduate, Food, Agriculture & Resource Economics

My experience returning to Guiding as an adult member has impacted my life. Most notably, I have had to learn to adapt my ideas to a different audience than I am used to. This has helped me with both my public speaking and my ability to think on my feet.

GGC National Full-time Scholarships


Alicia, First Year, Biology

Guiding, I believe, is when girls and women all over the world come together to learn and have fun and be one big family. We are called sisters for a reason. Guides is one of the only places a girl can be and not be judged for being who she is. I greatly respect that and am proud to be a part of it.


Juliana, First Year, Kinesiology

Guiding introduced me to camping and the outdoors early in my life, which is now a passion of mine. Camping has taught me the essential outdoor skills such as pitching a tent, fire making, outdoor cooking and wilderness safety, as well as teamwork and perseverance.


Devon, Second Year, Mechanical Engineering

During busy times in school, weekly meetings and activities are something I always look forward to. I love math, science, problem solving and creative thinking and I really do enjoy my classes and my degree so far, yet Guiding provides much needed balance and diversity for me.


Elizabeth, Third Year, International Development & Globalization

The best part about continuing with Guiding through university is building relationships with young girls. I work in youth and child services in various communities and recreation centres, and my passion is helping youth, especially girls, develop into active and engaged citizens.


Natalya, Fourth Year, Social Work

As a Girl Guide, I was constantly exposed to strong female role models, who were careful to instill a sense of empowerment within each of us. They taught us the importance of caring for our environment and community, and they taught us to respect ourselves and others.


Erin, Post Graduate, History

Guiding has been a huge part of my life and has fostered many of the skills I now draw on in my doctoral program. When I taught my first university class this past term, it was the leadership training and ready-for-anything preparedness that I had learned in Guiding that gave me the much needed confidence.


Jillian, Post Graduate, Gender Studies

I have been able to take away many life skills, such as money management (hello, cookies!), working in teams (did someone say camping?), and what I’ve always loved, personal growth and discipline.

GGC National Part-time Scholarships


Ariana, Post Graduate, Arts

The most influential door was the one that opened into teaching. Junior leading was my first opportunity to “teach” the small, smiling Spark age girls games, songs and crafts. I would say that my love of teaching began from this, which I eventually made into a career that I have been in for the past eight years.


Helen, Post Graduate, Office Administration

I’ve learnt so much while in Guides, things such as project management, organizational skills, money management, to think on your feet, public speaking, creativity and many more that I couldn’t have learned in a job situation.


Natalie-Anne, Post Graduate, Early Childhood Education

My love of children drew me to open my own business as a piano teacher and I realized that I loved it.