2016 Scholarship Recipients

Aloette Cosmetics of Canada Inc. Scholarship


Kimberly, First Year, Science

I earned every interest badge in Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders; as a Ranger, I finished the Gold duke of Edinburgh, the Gold Chief Commissioner's Award, and the Commonwealth Award. Through all of this stemmed a fantastic learning experience of determination, time management, and commitment.

Bayer Inc. Science Education Scholarship


Krysta, Post Graduate, Pathology

As a former girl member, I appreciate and understand how important it was to have role models that validated my personal experiences and supported me in speaking up for myself. Without developing the confidence and courage to advocate for myself, I could not be an advocate for the rights of girls and women around the world today.

Col. Karen Ritchie Memorial Scholarship


Meggin, First Year, Chemical Engineering

I believe that my contribution to Girl Guides has impacted the lives of others. Some of the girls in my units lack a supportive female role model in their life.  I believe this is immensely important to have, especially at such a crucial stage of development. For me growing up it was very beneficial to have an all-girls environment, and as a Girl Assistant I see those same benefits reflected in the girls as well.

Dare Foods Limited Scholarships


Victoria, Second Year, Music

Through the different aspects of the Pathfinder and Ranger programs in particular, Guiding has helped me become a better leader, a more confident person, and it has helped me develop my team building skills.



Kirsten, Second Year, Science

What I have personally taken away from being in Guiding is summarized in a line from the Guiding Promise: “I will take action for a better world.” Thanks to Girl Guides, I have been able to participate in many events geared towards helping others or helping the environment.



Kaylea, First Year, Business Administration

Guiding has really helped me develop many qualities like leadership and management by giving me many opportunities to take the lead on challenges and discussions on different things. One thing that really helped, and is still helping me build my leadership skills, was becoming a Girl Assistant.



Emily, First Year, Arts

Guiding has changed my life because it helped me become a well-rounded, global citizen who understands my local, national and international Guiding community.

Dr. Roberta Bondar Scholarship


Skye, Third Year, Neuroscience

The network I have developed in Girl Guides has been life changing. From volunteering in Costa Rica, to GM2010 in Guelph, Ontario, Guides has taken me around the world in service. I have expanded my network to include many women who inspire me to make a difference. In return, I seek out global service opportunities to share my experiences with others, including volunteering in a MEDLIFE mobile clinic in Peru.

Humber Glen Trefoil Guild Scholarship


Isabella, First Year, Political Science

Guides was the first time I was able to pursue politics. My Guider brought me to her Model Parliament and let me be a Page. Guides gave me the opportunities to become the strong young women I am today.

Kingston Trefoil Guild Scholarship


Madeleine, Third Year, Kinesiology

Just as Guiding nurtured me, I now encourage my Sparks to make friends, explore and follow their dreams. I share my joy of the outdoors and my passion for science. I help them try new activities, learn to respect and value each other, and to grow confident and strong.

Norma Osler Education Scholarship


Emma, First Year, Outdoor Recreation and Education

I have travelled the world, influenced policy and decision making, met new friends, found my inner-self, and discovered my passion for the outdoors and youth. Guiding has inspired me to make a difference in our wider world and allowed me to be the very best ME possible.



Heather, Post Graduate, Education

One of the most cherished senses I have developed through Guiding is a sense of community. I know that as a Girl Guide I will always have access to a community of sisters at anytime, anywhere in the world.

The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada Scholarship


Alison, First Year, Math and Economics

The greatest thing Guiding has given me is confidence. Guiding has taught me that even in unfamiliar places, I will always have friends. This has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, to attend events like Guiding Mosaic in 2010, to apply and go on a nationally sponsored trip to Kenya in 2013, and now to attend university in a different province.

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario Scholarships


Kristen, First Year, Aerospace Engineering

Guiding has taught me hands-on skills such as how to build fires, pitch tents and even make a quinzee. It is through Guiding that I experienced my ability to work well with my hands and to be resourceful. This newfound ability resulted in my desire to take a transportation technology course. It is within that course I discovered that I am passionate about aircrafts and that aerospace is the area I want to study after high school.



Alissa, First Year, International Development

Guiding has helped me to find my voice, to follow my passions, and to work for change. It has also helped me to become the confident speaker and leader that I am. 



Hilary, First Year, Commerce

Along with a strong system of female leaders surrounding me, I have been able to grow into a confident woman and lead young girls do the same.



Cassandra, First Year, Nutrition

Girl Guides provided me with the skills that I need to be successful in life. It has taught me many things from how to make new friends, handle money (through cookie sales), be comfortable in my own skin, and be a strong independent female.



Joia, First Year, French and Education

My Guiding unit and I have become a family.  We support each other through everything and we encourage one another to be the best that we can be.  Negative words are never spoken amongst us, which creates a safe environment that not a lot of teenagers are able to find nowadays.

WBE Canada Scholarship


Vyana, Post Graduate, Public Administration and International Affairs

While I am immensely grateful for all the positive aspects that Guiding brings to my life, for me, Guiding has always been about challenging myself. When I was a Girl Guide, it was about challenging myself to earn as many badges as I could; as an adult member, it's about challenging myself to further develop my leadership skills, and to put myself in situations where, like in India, I might not know what I am doing in the beginning but I find my way.

GGC Full-Time National Scholarships


Janice, First Year, Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership

Guiding gave me the chance to pursue my interests in a wide variety of activities and topics and helped turn me into a well-rounded person.  Instead of excelling in just one area, I have been able to excel academically, athletically, artistically and leadership-wise thanks to Guiding! 



Emma, Second Year, Law

Rangers was really my transition into adulthood. I knew that I always wanted to become a leader and in a way give back to the organization that really helped me become the woman that I am today. I joined a Brownie unit with two experienced Guiders and they welcomed me into their unit with open arms and were very open to my suggestions. I was so empowered by the fact that women that were my mom’s age would take a 17 year-old’s opinion so seriously.



Jennifer, Third Year, Nursing

I am passionate about those experiences and values that Guiding has given me and I cherish the time that I can give back, especially to younger members. There is nothing quite like being a part of that moment when a girl realizes for the first time that she can do something new.



Nelligan, Fourth Year, Fine Arts

Through all my activities (school, volunteerism, art, work) my Guiding background assists and informs my decisions allowing me to stay focused, manage projects, achieve consensus and coordinate successful events.  Skills I use to contribute to concrete efforts to improve the lives of children and youth, address gender inequality, and positively impact environmental sustainability.



Sheila, Post Graduate, Professional Communication

Guiding values have shaped who I am since I was 10 years-old: to do my best, to be true, to help others, and to state explicitly the principles I live by. These values push me towards excellence, and remind me to rely on others.

GGC Part-Time National Scholarships


Jennifer, First Year, Early Childhood Education

When I was 16 years-old I started helping out with a Sparks group and truly loved going to the weekly meetings and events. When I graduated from high school at 18 years-old, because of my experience working with young children through Guiding, I knew that I wanted to have a career educating children.



Heather, Fourth Year, Social Work

I am most thankful for the confidence and courage Guiding has grown inside of me. It has been the springboard to this next grand adventure I am currently on, of heading back to school, when for many years I had talked myself out of it.



Kelly, Third Year, Engineering and Environmental Studies

I plan to incorporate the knowledge gained from this degree into my unit, and hope to instill a sense of environmental stewardship in the girls I work with, now and in the future. I hope that by earning this degree I can make a positive impact on our environment, and also inspire girls to follow their dreams, persevere and make a difference.



Elise, Post Graduate, Education

I was a member of Guiding when we introduced a policy to encourage transgender girls into our units. I was never more proud to be in Guiding. I am proud to be in an organization where everyone is free to be who they are and are encouraged to pursue their passions.