All SySTEMs Go!

As MUN has cancelled all on campus events until the end of June 2020, our All systems go event has been effected, and therefore cancelled at this time. 

We are hoping to reschedule this event for spring 2021. 

Anyone who has already paid for registration will be reimbursed.

All SySTEMs Go is Coming to Newfoundland and Labrador on June 5th - 7th, 2020 at Memorial University!


Join us for a weekend of experiments, activities and adventure as we explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at Memorial University. Unit and individual sign-up is available.

  The Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS) has partnered with Girl Guides to organize a Science-themed weekend at Memorial University in St. John’s. During this event, Guides, Pathfinders, and Rangers will participate in mini-workshop sessions aimed at increasing awareness and engagement in Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This is the third instalment of similar events previously organized in NB-PEI (2018) and NS (2019).

An exciting opportunity for girls and guiders in Guides, Pathfinders & Rangers

Printable FAQ Sheet
Kit List - Coming Soon!



Please register online using the following links

Unit Registration

Guider Independent Registration
Girl Independent Registration

Required Forms

GIRL - Personal Health Form (H.1)
ADULT - Personal Health Form (H.2)
Medications Consent (H.7)

Permission Form - Coming Soon

All SySTEMs Go! Facts!

What are the age limits for Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers for AllSySTEMsGo!?

Guides (9-11 years old ) born in 2008-2010                                                                     
Pathfinders (12 – 14 years old) born in 2004-2007
Rangers (15-17 years old)2001-2003

What can participants expect from AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Girls will arrive on campus on Friday, June 5 and leave Sunday, June 7.  They will stay in residence and eat on campus. Girls will attend different hands-on workshops, that will be run by faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, and will cover a wide range of topics and activities related to STEM disciplines.


Will there be transportation arranged to and from camp for Patrols from Newfoundland and Labrador?

Patrols may avail of transportation arranged by the NL Provincial GG Council. Information will be provided at a later date.

Transporting equipment

Patrols are expected to bring the equipment listed on the kit list.

Can I drive directly to the event camp?

Yes, it will be possible to drive to event, however we will be trying to limit the number of vehicles on site.  There is limited space for parking at MUN nd the space that is available may not be in a security patrolled area.

Patrols should avail of busing provided by provincial council. 

Will there be a transportation cost?

No. The cost of transportation has been worked in with the registration costs for the event.

Life at Event

What are the Patrol Guider duties while at camp?

Patrol Guiders will be primarily responsible for girls in the patrol under their care.  Each Patrol will become part of a section. Guiders will have plenty of opportunity to spend time with their girls and join them in activities.

Aside from this primary role, Patrol Guiders will be expected to assist in the running of the event and in the delivery of the program activities if and when needed.  The specifics of this assistance are difficult to define in advance and will depend on the circumstances we encounter during event.  “Lend a hand” should be the guiding principle while at event.

Fundraising and Camp Fee

Why do Patrol Guiders have to pay a registration fee to attend All SySTEMS Go! 2020
There is a considerable cost associated with running an event like All SySTEMs Go! 2020.  Most adult participants are asked to pay a registration fee to offset costs associated with their attendance and to ensure monies paid by the girls are directed towards providing an exceptional camp experience to them.

How much are camp fees and when are they due?

Newfoundland and Labrador Patrols:

Cost is $55 per person (includes HST).

Patrols are responsible for their own travel or may avail of transportation provided by ALL SySTEMs Go! 2020.   

Payment Due:

April 15, 2020

Payment can be made by cheque to NL Provincial Council. Payment must be made by a unit or district.

Fee schedule for independent girls will be determined at a later date as they are placed in patrols.

Can I get a refund if I register and then find I need to cancel?

No refunds will be given after the payment due date of April 15 as camp expenditures based on registration at that time will have commenced.

If individual girls withdraw from a patrol, the approach outlined above applies.  Patrols may substitute girls up to April 15th 2020.

*Once the April 15th date is past, no further substitutions to be made

The policy on refunds for independent girls will be determined at a later date as they are placed in patrols.

How can Patrols make registration payments to Newfoundland and Labrador Council?

Fees are to be paid by (post-dated) cheque, cash or credit card on:

 April 15, 2020.

Independent Girls - Girl without a Patrol

Can independent girls (i.e. girls without Patrols) attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Yes! Registration for girls without a Patrol is open.

Girls without a Patrol should registrar for AllSySTEMsGo! 2020. Through the registration platform, under independent girl.


Deadline for independent girl applications is April 01st.

Girls will be placed following that and camp fees due April 15th.

Note: Girls without a Patrol are automatically waitlisted for the event due to supervision ratios.

Registration Information

Are there any prerequisites to attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Guiders and girls must be registered Members in Girl Guides

of Canada.


One Adult per patrol must have Standard First Aid.

First Aid certifications need to entered into iMIS by June 20th, 2019.

Is there a patrol minimum or maximum to attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?
Safe Guide ratios must be met for Girls and Guiders at Yellow level as this event required overnight stay.

Can I bring a mixed Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers to AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Patrols comprised of a mixture of Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers can attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 however Safe Guide Ratios must be met for each level and girls will be split into age groups/ unit levels for programming.

Can screened non-member volunteers attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

No - Patrol Guiders must be registered members.  The primary reason for this is that Patrol Guiders need to be able to fulfill all the responsibility of a Guider, independently if necessary.  Safe Guide places limitations on non-member volunteers with respect to supervision of girls that will preclude them from being able to fulfill these responsibilities fully.  

An exception to this is for chaperones for special needs.

How many participants will attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?
We are targeting about 500 girls and 150 Guiders.

If I am bringing a patrol to AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?, do I need to complete an SG8 form?

No.  NL patrols travelling to AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 are not considered "Travel in Canada over 72 hours".  Your Safe Guide procedures are the same as if your unit was planning to go to a campsite anywhere in the province.

Does my patrol need to submit an FR1 for AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

If your patrol is fundraising to attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020, you need to submit an FR1 with the details of your fundraising projects outlined, including the required amount from cookie sales (25% of target amount to be fundraised).   If all of your fundraising will be done through cookie sales OR if you are not fundraising at all, no FR1 is required.

If I am bringing a partial or half patrol, will independent girls be assigned to my patrol?

We would like as many girls as possible to attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 including those without a patrol.  We are accepting registrations from independent girls but are wait-listing them pending identification of places to put them in patrols.  We will not place any independent girls in any patrols without the concurrence of Patrol Guiders.

Event Logistics

Do I need to purchase equipment to attend AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Patrols are expected to bring the equipment listed on the kit list.

Residence will have towels and bedding provided- no camping equipment will be required.

Will there be any indoor accommodations available for Patrols?   

 All girls and Guiders will be staying in residence at MUN.

Girls should expect to be in shared rooms, with two people per room.  Each floor has two bathrooms, with shower stalls and toilet stalls.

Hand soap, toilet paper, face cloths and towels will be provided.  

Groups including girls with mobility issues will stay in rooms on the first floor, or specifically in buildings with elevator access, as availability allows.  

What security and safety measures will be taken at AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?    

All buildings are secure, with key access.  No other groups will be in residence during our stay, but the Residence Assistant’s for each building may be present.  Leaders will be in rooms in close proximity to their patrols.

Will there be AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 merchandise?    

AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 merchandise will be available for purchase prior to AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 event.

Will Patrols be provided with a kit list and/or equipment list?
Yes. A kit list and equipment list will be provided to all Patrols.

Can I bring a Cpap machine to AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Patrol Guiders needing this equipment can bring this to the event. There is ample capacity for recharging batteries.

Can Guiders and/or girls with special needs come to camp?

AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 wants to be as inclusive as possible to provide this event opportunity to as many as possible.  To ensure we are able to provide necessary accommodations, please connect with either the Provincial office or the responsible Guider to discuss the specific accommodations that are required.


Will AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 have programming specific to older girls?

AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 will provide unit level related programming. Girls will be asked for their programming preferences in the upcoming months. Programming will count towards Girls First credits.  There will be programming included for Ranger age girls.

Will there be service projects at AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

No, at this time service projects will not be part of the AllSySTEMsGo! 2020 program.

Do I need to complete a Swim Test or Boat Test?

Food Services

  • Girls and Guiders will be responsible for providing their own supper Friday evening.
  • Saturday morning:  Cold breakfast (cereal, toast, milk, juice, fruit) [Dining Hall]
  • Saturday lunch:  Individual packed lunch consisting of sandwich, fruit, cookie, water, yogurt [Around Campus]
  • Saturday supper:  In residence, depending on the weather either a BBQ or Pizza dinner [Outside, or common spaces in residence buildings]
  • Sunday breakfast: Hot breakfast (eggs, toast, protein, fruit, milk, juice) [Dining Hall]

How will meals work at AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?

Girls and Guiders will have meals prepared and provided by a combination of MUN food services, and local businesses.

What dietary requirements will be accommodated at AllSySTEMsGo! 2020?
Patrols and Guiders will provide information on dietary allergies and restrictions during registration. Any requirements based on medical or religious requirements will be met. Menus will be set in consultation with experienced Guiders who are very familiar with meal preferences of the age groups in attendance

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