Girl Engagement

The Girl Engagement Coordinator is a member of the Provincial Council, Chair of the Girl Engagement Committee, and is an ex-officio member of each of the Program, International, and Camping Sub-Committees. Her responsibilities include:


  • Communicates and engages Girl Engagement Committee members in plans and activities to support GGC’s strategic plan,
  • As the chair of the Girl Engagement Committee, fosters a cooperative, creative and supportive environment,
  • Ensures that meetings are regularly held by the Program, International and Camping Sub-Committees and that the chairs work collaboratively,
  • Ensures the orientation of sub-committee members is appropriate and completed and that members meet the expectations of the position,
  • Provides training and acts as a mentor for the chairs,
  • Provides advice and direction to these sub-committees as needed,
  • Works in collaboration with the Elected Member – Youth and the Provincial Youth Forum to garner insight on issues impacting girl members to ensure a girls’ perspective is understood and taken into consideration in all aspects of programming,
  • Facilitates communications with the Provincial Commissioner and/or designate and Council as necessary.
  • Provides support in the completion of the sub-committee budgets and submits the budgets as required.
  • Provides oversight and monitors the budgets on a regular basis,
  • Coordinates and advises Council of issues, initiatives, and needs after determination by the Program, International and Camping Sub-Committees,
  • Provides the communication conduit between the Provincial International, Program, and Camping Advisers and the National Programming Committee and co-ordinates linkages with Advisers in other Provincial jurisdictions

Girl Engagement Team

Girl Engagement Coordinator - Carla Bradley
Camping - Andrea Greening
Program - Erika Parrill
International - Mackenzie Furey

2/26/2021 10:26:35 AM