The Membership Lead and her Committee are responsible for the following:

  • Maintains current knowledge of all membership documents, including Code of Conduct, Adult Member Support Modules, Member registration processes, and all award and recognition incentives of GGC;
  • Works closely with the PR/Communications Adviser to develop and implement provincial strategies to grow and retain members and to increase public awareness of GGC membership benefits;
  • Develops and implements strategies, in accordance with GGC’s Statement of Inclusion, for outreach to women and girls of under-represented populations to reduce barriers to membership in GGC;
  • Works with provincial staff and volunteers to determine and prioritize locations where membership decreases are significant and develops a specifically targeted growth plan;
  • Maximizes use of national and provincial membership resources to support membership growth and retention;
  • Arranges and promotes registration and recruitment events within the provincial council jurisdiction;
  • Provides oversight of the membership screening process and intervenes where appropriate;
  • Provides oversight of response timelines to membership inquiries and responds to/directs inquiries, as appropriate;
  • Prepares, presents, and interprets the count data for provincial council;
  • Liaises with Trefoil and Link members to encourage membership growth;
  • Develops and monitors strategies to inform Members of national and provincial awards and to encourage Members to nominate candidates for awards;
  • Provides current information on demographic, social, and economic trends within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Council that informs membership growth strategies;
  • Write and submit articles, messaging, and other communications that celebrate GGC membership and encourage growth, retention, and Member recognition.
3/6/2021 2:32:10 AM