Training Department

The Training Team provides support and training for all Guiders in the province, at all levels of experience. These trainers are dedicated volunteers who use their knowledge and skills to develop new leaders and to ensure that the girls get the best trained leaders possible.

Training is a very important component of the volunteer process, helping you develop your skills and competencies in many areas and in formats that best suit your interests and needs. To find out about specific trainings available in your local Guiding community, contact your District Commissioner, Training Coordinator or Provincial Training Adviser, Sara Hawkins. Several training sessions are held during the year and trainings of all forms are carried out for all categories of girls and adults.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) Training

Under TEAM training, GGC provides training on subjects as vast as girl programming, mentoring, bias and equity awareness, communicating with girls, and time management skills. The chart below gives a summary of the TEAM Program. This includes mandatory, foundation and enrichments trainings available for all Guiders.

TEAM Chart

Become a Trainer

Women who would like to support others in delivering great Guiding experiences to girls can take GGC training and become Trainers. The process involves completing the TEAM Trainer stream and receiving mentorship from an experienced GGC Trainer.

Check out the TEAM Trainer stream to learn more.

Safe Guide

Safe Guide is the document that GGC provides to guide Members in the preparation of plans for exciting activities and opportunities in their quest to deliver innovative activities for girls.

New Members are required to take Safe Guide training within their first 6 months of Membership. Training is provided locally in face to face sessions and is available online. The e-learning version is available through the Learning Library where you can set up an account and complete the training on line.

To review the Safe Guide document, click here.


Mentoring for Girl Guides of Canada is an essential part of ensuring our volunteers get the support they need to succeed in their volunteer position(s). Mentoring is for new and returning members, as well as those who are accepting a new position within the organization.

Making connections with other members of the Girl Guide community can help direct you to understand the roles and responsibilities, skills and talents which will help you be a successful volunteer. A mentor is someone who will work with you one-on-one to help you settle into your volunteer position; they have undergone the same experiences and have the wisdom to guide and teach.

What is mentoring? 

GGC Mentoring can be best described as an agreement between two people who share experience and expertise to support growth and gain perspective. GGC Mentoring is the pairing of a Member willing to learn (mentee) and an experienced Member willing to share (mentor).

The nature of the mentoring relationship will vary based on needs and expectations of both individuals. Mentoring is a supportive relationship. The mentor empowers and encourages the mentee by sharing her knowledge and experience. Mentors are people who provide support, friendship, reinforcement, constructive examples and feedback to a mentee.

Great reasons to become a Mentor:

  • You will benefit from sharing knowledge and experience while developing your own leadership skills.

  • A mentor has her position formally recognized as an activity in iMIS.

  • A mentor wears the National Mentorship pin.

Great reasons to become a Mentee:

  • An experienced Guider will share her knowledge and ideas with you.

  • Your mentor will be a ready partner for brainstorming, strategizing and problem-solving.

  • She will be someone with whom you can share your success stories.

  • You have your position formally recognized as an activity in iMIS.

Check out the GGC Mentoring Program. 

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