Risk & Compliance

 The Risk and Compliance Adviser is a member of the Provincial Council. Her responsibilities include:

  • Identify areas of risk exposure for business processes, properties, human resources and member management,
  • Ensure adherence to GGC processes for reporting on risk issues, including appropriate documentation,
  • Establish plans to address identified risks and exposures with Council and Council Committees,
  • Inform Council of current issues, trends, and concerns in the areas in risk management and compliance,
  • Educate Council and Council Committees on issues of risk, how to develop a plan to mitigate risk, including accountability for compliance with the established risk mitigation plan,
  • Ensure risk mitigation resources are current and easily accessible to provincial membership,
  • Assist the Provincial Council in the collection, narration, and completion of the annual Provincial Compliance documentation,
  • May provide additional advice, to the Provincial Council/Provincial Commissioner, on matters of interpretation and compliance with Safe Guide, insurance, contracts, membership management, staffing, etc.,
  • Develop and arrange publication of information on risk management through provincial methods of membership communication (newsletter, social media, website, etc.),
  • Prepares and manages the budget for provincial risk and compliance operations,
  • Provides oversight and direction to the Provincial Safe Guide Adviser.

2/26/2021 10:37:39 AM