A huge THANK YOU to all our Guiders for making sure their Cookie Orders met our DEADLINE.You Ladies ROCK!!


District Cookie Order Form

Cookie All Stars

Recipes using Girl Guide Cookies

Cookie Selling Etiquette

Where Does the Money Go?

Your Provincial Cookie Committee

Daphne Slade – Provincial Cookie Adviser & Tuckamore Area Cookie Contact

Rhonda McDonald – Trefoil Central Area Cookie Contact

Melanie Moores – Long Range Trails Area Cookie Contact

Deanna Cain-Hewitt – Oceans Edge Area and Con Ba Su Area Cookie Contact

Cheryl Drover – Northern Mosaic Area and Eastern Bays Area Cookie Contact

Cookie Days in Canada

Classic 2020

Cookie days in Canada will be held April 3rd to the 5th this campaign.  Cookie Days in Canada event will concentrate on the format that allows Units to take part in the event by organizing their own selling event on that weekend, whether that be in a local store or even door to door or Units.

Cookie Days continue to be a major event on the cookie calendar and many customers look forward to this weekend. 

All information about Cookie Days and how to take part can be found on Member Zone. The sales event form for the Cookies Finder map is on and can be accessed at any time.

All units that take part in Cookie days this Spring and fulfill the appropriate criteria will receive the Cookie Days in Canada crest as a thank you for taking part.  Units that qualify will be emailed a link post event with details about ordering.

Newfoundland and Labrador Girl Guide Provincial Cookie Weeks


Cookie week dates are from April 3rd to April 19th. This is a great opportunity to get out in your community and sell your cookies.

If your unit/s have been out selling cookies door to door during our Provincial Cookie Weeks, please remember to send a list of your girls that participated including the units name, District and Area to Daphne Slade, Provincial Cookie Adviser by Thursday, April 30th, 2020.  Going forward we ask that you forward along with your list of girls, their iMIS numbers.

There are two $50.00 prizes per Area for the girls names drawn.  There is also a surprise box to the value of $100.00 that will be given to one unit in each Area!!

Cookie Delivery

 Cookies will be delivered the week of March 23-27, 2020. They should be calling/emailing to set up delivery times that is convenient for you.

Labrador West/Lake Melville delivery March 17th to 21st, 2020

Newfoundland and Labrador (Island portion) is March 23rd to 27th, 2020

**** There will be a fee charged for delivery changes****

Please complete the ck.1 and submit it to your Area Cookie Contact.  A complete list is provided for your convenience.

If you have to make a cookie delivery change or report a cookie delivery issue please complete the CK.2 form. Complete and send to Daphne Slade, Provincial Cookie Adviser at as soon as possible.

Sales Aid delivery to take place mid February 2020.

Delivery Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with delivery procedures. It is important everyone is aware of their responsibilities, and that proper protocol is followed. There were no changes to the delivery documents this campaign. Delivery documents including the delivery guidelines, can be downloaded from Member Zone on the ordering and delivery resources page on memberzone

REMINDER for Guiders

** When signing the POD they need to be sure to sign BOTH copies of the POD – theirs and the driver’s.

(1) The signed POD is the transfer of responsibility from Dare Foods to Girl Guides therefore if the driver is using an electronic device to obtain signature for delivery, Guiders need to ask for a print out of the PODs or sign the packing slip attached with the delivery. Any necessary notation in case of damages should be done on the packing slip, driver needs to sign Guider’s copy.

(2) Do not to discard their copy of the POD after delivery. Copy of their POD should be kept in a safe place until after the invoicing process is complete.

Cookie Freshness Guarantee

The cookie freshness guarantee is now represented as an actual date. We have discontinued the julian date code system moving forward.

Please Note

If you have damaged cookies or other delivery issues, please take a picture of the damage and or missing cookies and make note on the delivery slip. Then submit a completed CK.2 form to Daphne Slade, Provincial Cookie Adviser at as soon as possible.

Group Photo Contest

Please remember to submit “group pictures” of your unit selling those delicious traditional cookies and if your picture is selected your unit will receive $50.00.  There is one photo contest winner for Newfoundland and Labrador.  Picture will be published in the Newsflash.  Lets get SNAPPIN’!

It is important to remember the deadline to submit your pictures and the names of your girls who participated, along with unit name and district by Thursday, April 30th, 2020.

Certificate for Business

Looking for a way to say Thank you to a business that supported your cookie sales?? Contact the Provincial Office for a certificate of Thanks for that business. This is an awesome way to show your appreciation for their support.

Cookie Finder Map

Help us to spread the word and remind the units to use the Cookie Finder Map application to promote their group cookie selling events. The map and event form are located on the main website at The map is now the first point of reference given to all enquiries regarding where to buy cookies and is promoted extensively through our social media presence.

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Cookie Week Crest

Don’t forget to get your Provincial Cookie Crest and Rockers!  Both are available through the Provincial Office.  They make a great addition to your Camp Blanket!

Spring 2020 cookie rockers have been ordered through the Provincial Office.

Please remember you can order both the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Cookie Crest and rockers by filling out this order form. Payment is due upon placing of order.

Every little girl and their Guider loves to receive a crest! Please ensure that everyone gets one! Even check to see that your girls have all their rockers from previous years!!

Cookie All Stars

The registration site will open at the beginning on February 3rd, 2020.

Please Note: The registration site will close April 30th.  Guiders are encouraged to register your Mint cookie sales now.  This will give you the guider the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the site and will give National time to work on any issues that may occur.

We are aware that there has been some concern that the Cookie All Stars base reward has been changed this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program. While we have seen both positive and negative feedback regarding the commemorative bracelet please be advised of the following –

  • The change will only affect this year’s CAS and we will return to the individual badges for the 2020/2021 guiding year.
  • The group reward badge is still being awarded so everyone still the opportunity to earn a badge.
  • The bracelet is a waxed cotton string with a custom silver-plated charm in order to minimize concerns regarding a possible allergic reaction
  • If the recipient does not wish to wear the bracelet it can easily be sewn on the camp blanket/poncho etc.


The Cookie Dough envelopes reference the charm bracelet for the spring campaign. Unfortunately, due to printing schedules and delivery times this was not possible for the Mint campaign.

REMINDER!  Rewards for Mint 2019 / Classic 2020!

Please encourage your Guiders to record their Mint sales early, this will give them a chance to familiarize themselves with the site.  Classic sales can be added later.

Each girl who sells 80 or more cases of cookies individually will have a choice of the following rewards:

  1. Camp Kit (approx. value $300)
  2. Amazon gift card valued at $250


Here is what is included in the Camp Kit 

  • Backpack with hydration pack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight
  • Mess kit

For the girls that already have a basic Camp Kit we would like to introduce a second level Camp Kit where the following items maybe be included:

  1. Self-Inflating sleeping pad – MEC Camper Sleeping Pad
  2. MEC Brooks 20 l dry bag
  3. LifeStraw Water filter
  4. Coghlan’s Bear bell with magnet
  5. Leatherman Sidekick multitool
  6. Tick Key
  7. Petzl Actik Headlamp
  8. GSI Glacier Camp Stove (propane, single burner)


Please keep in mind that all items are subject to change.

As with the cookie ordering site, to log into the Cookie All Stars site only a member iMIS number and Member zone password are required.   Please do not use your email as Log in/Username.

Important to Note

Top level reward for Mint 2019/Classic 2020 – there is no change to the rewards this campaign

Each girl who sells 80 or more cases of cookies individually will have a choice of the following rewards:

A Camp Kit- approx. value $300 (the kit contents will be changing. Updates will be provided shortly) or an Amazon gift card valued at $250



Cookie All Stars registration site will open for all units in February 2020 after cookie ordering period is finished.

Trex, Trip Unit, Lones and other Individual Cases

The Cookie All Stars registration site can provide Trex and Trip unit rosters. Unit Guiders are also able to record sales by Lones and transitional Members.  The Instructions as always can be found on the Member Zone in the Cookie All Stars section.


Please make sure that all Guiders in your province are familiar with these rules. Lones or girls from another Units helping with the Unit sales should have their sales recorded by each Unit the section called Other Girl helpers/Lones, located below the Unit roster.

Guider needs to:
  1. Enter Girl Helper iMIS number and click Add Girl helper button to be able to enter number of cookies sold both individually and as part of the group for each campaign.
  2. Check for accuracy and click the Update Other Girl Helper/Lones button. (this button saves info for girl helpers or Lones only). The Save & Submit button still must be clicked to submit the whole roster.
  3. All individual cookie sales are combined and recorded by the girl’s iMIS number after campaign closes.


If a Girl Helper in the Unit sells cookies or is a member of a Special Ops./Trip Unit, her total sales will be combined and transferred to the home Unit – providing the home Unit has registered for Cookie All Stars.



  1. Please make sure that ALL special Ops (Trip) Units in your Province are registered in the iMIS database. This will help avoid delays in registration and eliminate manual adjustments.


  2. Units without a Contact Guider in the iMIS database will not be able to register for Cookie All Stars. If you require a list of Units in your province that still do not have a Contact Guider assigned, please contact your provincial iMIS administrator or let me know and I will provide one for you as applicable.

Unit Group Sales

Please remind your Guiders that cookies sold during the group event cannot be added to girls’ individual sales.

    Since it appears that there is still a misunderstanding in the field regarding both types of sales here are a couple of scenarios:


Unit orders # of cases and a Unit Guider gives the cookies to each girl (one; two or more cases) to take home and sell – this is an individual sale

Scenario 2:

Unit Guider takes all or some girls to sell the ordered cookies as a group either door to door, district blitz etc. - this is a Group sale event.

Scenario 3:

As in Scenario 1, but if girls bring to a Unit group sale event the cookies that they were given to take home, then these cookies can be counted as either individual or group sales but not both.

Scenario 4:

Let’s say that Unit has 12 girls in total. Some girls, for example 6 of them, set a high goal for themselves and requested many cases, for example 40 cases each.  These 6 girls then get together and organize their own group sales event. They sell their cookies (240 cases) door to door, in front of the stores etc. – this is an individual sale.

Hope this clarifies. As always, all questions regarding Cookie All Stars should be forwarded to

Social Media

We will continue our successful promotional campaign via social media with Facebook/Instagram advertisements. Our aim is to have as many Units as possible taking part in the Cookie Days in Canada weekend in whatever way is easiest for them. Let’s work together to promote this initiative and ensure its ongoing success.

Cookie History

In 1927, a Girl Guide leader in Regina baked and boxed up cookies for her girls as a simple way to raise money for uniforms and camping equipment. Little did she know that she was starting one of Canada’s greatest traditions - Girl Guide cookies!
Funds raised through cookie sales support girls and women in Guiding by:  

  • Helping us provide diverse and exciting programs and activities
  • Allowing girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and making lasting friendships
  • Assist girls and leaders with attending camps and events
  • Providing training and support for leaders


There’s a lot of history behind Girl Guide cookies!

1927 - The first cookies are sold in Regina, Saskatchewan.
1929 - GGC starts selling cookies across the country.
1953 - Classic chocolate and vanilla cookies made their first appearance.
1991 - During the Gulf War, every Canadian soldier was given a box of GGC cookies upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.
1992 -Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, a former member, carries GGC cookies into space.
1995 – The chocolatey mint cookies are sold across Canada
2003 - All classic chocolate and vanilla and chocolatey mint cookies are produced in a nut-free and peanut-free bakery.
2009 - GGC launched reduced trans fat chocolatey mint cookies
2010 - The 100th anniversary cookie box is introduced for the classic campaign. The classic chocolate and vanilla cookies are now 0 g trans fat per serving.
2018 - New cookie box design is introduced for both sandwich and mint cookies.


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